October – Month Four

Another month and another summary of what I’ve learnt…

1.      There is always something which can be improved

Maybe I feel this particularly acutely as a slight perfectionist, but I find I’m never ever short of things to do or improve. Whether that’s updating my website, redesigning invoices so they’re more aesthetically pleasing, looking into bookkeeping software, working on terminology or finding new clients there’s always something I can be doing! I love this aspect of the job as it means that there are always challenges and areas to push myself in. However, it can also be daunting and feel insurmountable sometimes so I’m finding it increasingly more necessary to prioritise and approach my ever-growing to-do list one item at a time to avoid a minor meltdown!

2.      Getting paid on time is the bain of my life.

It’s great when you look at your spread sheet and you see how many billable hours you’ve done so far. It’s less fun when you compare this to the money in your account and realise how many outstanding invoices you have to chase up. I’m incredibly glad that the ITI SUFT course has a whole week dedicated to this as it is far and away the biggest challenge I face. I can now fully understand why so many small businesses struggle to survive! I’m also glad I don’t have the pressure of making rent right now as unfortunately I can’t default on payments just because someone has defaulted on me!

3.      A word log is the single best thing I’ve done.

This was another top tip from SUFT but applying it has made such a difference. It’s such a confidence boost to be able to say I’ve translated X thousand words on this subject when applying for jobs or negotiating with a client. It’s also a great way to track your progress, the types of jobs you’re getting and the sheer volume of words you’ve translated. I’m utterly amazed that I’ve translated over 240K words already since starting! However, even just knowing this helps me to be more confident in my ability (imposter syndrome is real!) and also gives me lots of material to look over and areas of terminology to improve based on how long each job took. Definitely easier to do as you go along rather than retrospectively though!

4.      A simple email of thanks can have a huge impact

There is nothing more encouraging than receiving an email to thank you for working on a job – particularly if it’s caused a lot of stress or taken up a lot of time. I know how much I appreciate it (although I am also very words orientated!) and this is definitely something I’m going to try and remember to do both within the industry and in my life in general. As ever, a little can go a long way.

5.      Curiosity is a translator’s greatest asset

Most children have that phase where they ask “why” to everything and I don’t think I’ve ever really grown out of this phase! While this may occasionally be irritating for my family and friends who have to put up with the many hypothetical questions, debates and verbal processing I’ve found it comes into its own in translation! It’s great for CPD, learning more about the industry, being motivated to find out the context of a translation or the perfect word or phrase depending on the subject matter. I’ve also found it incredibly helpful as a freelancer and making all my business decisions myself (being an adult is scary!) as I find even subconsciously I’ve asked myself multiple questions before every decision so if a client ever asks me “why?” I know the reason instantly.

6.      I hate when people say I don’t have a real job!

I genuinely didn’t think this would annoy me, but it really does! It’s particularly annoying if someone says this after you’ve been tutoring, stayed up late to finish a big job, spent hours proofreading, had formatting/technical issues, created and billed an invoice yourself and dealt with a particularly demanding client. If there’s a freelancer in your life, please show them some love instead of ribbing them for still being in their pjs (there has to be some advantages of working from home, right?!)

So those are the 6 things I’ve learnt in month 4, as ever, comments, questions, entertaining anecdotes are very welcome. See you in December for month 5!